iOS 6 undisclosed features


So, iOS 6 has been floating around for almost a week and we have seen numerous details published on the web, but no one seems to have noticed these changes.

Mobile Safari
Full screen mode

This is activated in Landscape mode only with a full screen icon in the bottom right corner. For all you who have been hoping iOS doesn’t take over OSX, here is evidence that OSX has influenced iOS some more. Don’t expect flash to show up, but at least the convergence of the OS’s has flavor from each side.

RSS Feeds
Now this one I’m confused. It seems Apple has always taken over what 3rd party apps have provided and bundled that into the OS. Now it seems they are reversing direction and actually promoting 3rd party apps over their own 1st party features.

As this warning box explains, RSS support in Mobile Safari is out. Bummer. It looks we will have to wait till September to confirm this disappointment.


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