Don’t Be Caught Without Your Sombrero, Man


Even if you are trying to be aerodynamic while navigating your bike on a windy day.

FYI….RapCat was EXTREMELY disappointed he didn’t get a photo from the front. This man had the facade of a peacock with feathers up as RapCat glanced in his mirror. The grimace on his face and obvious difficulty fighting the wind made RapCat LOL. Had he not had clients following him, he would have returned for a full on photo shoot…
Also, notice the angle of the “cone” vs the brim…you can tell the forward charge was on.

Notice, the RapCat has no reception bars on his phone and his paw is not touching the lower left corner….he only pays for the over $100 per month unlimited plan….why would he expect to get something better than discount service?

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