Wrong Number Prank


So many people call my house phone with the wrong number, that I have considered canceling it all together. But I get the line for free, so I figure its best just to keep it around and just not answer the phone.
Occasionally, I get the opportunity to have fun with a caller. Now in this case, I received another call destined for some local Chinese food restaurant. I answer, “Hello?” and the caller proceeds to state he wants to place an order. So I ask him, “What do you want?”.
I’m not sure why I didn’t stop him, but he continued to rattle off his order and I began typing.

This will be a TOGO order.
-chicken chow mein
-fried won tons with a side of sweet and sour
-large order of orange chicken
-fried shrimp

Robert Ramon

So, Robert, thanks for calling, but when you show up in 15 minutes, you won’t have any food waiting for you. And on top of that I’m forwarding my calls to PETSMART for the night. Think about it. Peace out!


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