The Little things


There’s a saying in life, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Its a great saying but I think instead of ignoring the small stuff, you should fix it. Its the little things that make you the happiest.
Have you ever had a great day and then when you went to eat dinner, you take that steak off the grill and open the fridge to get the A-1 sauce, and…..the bottle is empty! You then have to think, “Do I go to the store and my steak will be cold when I return? or do I just use ketchup?”
Yesterday I bought a bottle of A-1 and a bottle of BBQ sauce because this has happened to me 3 times lately and I always forget to buy the damn A-1 sauce. It seriously fucks up your entire dinner. I wasn’t having steak last night, but I had to be prepared. I also have 3 bottles of mustard in the fridge. I fucking love mustard. A lot of it. And I can’t be without it when I have a tri-tip sandwich.
Then today, turn on the shower, water seems slightly warm…..enough to not freeze me, so I get in the shower, and boom, the water turns cold for about 20 seconds. I could have done without that today.
So, when you have a shitty day, just look for the small stuff to get you through. The little things are powerful (thats what Nick R would say☺). I for one am going to get a monster from the Arco near my work. They are always the coldest i can find, and that is what would make my day today.


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